About Us

Architect Outlet is a brand under the umbrella of Malevich Garage, a Spanish distributor of top design brands in the Design Gift sector.

All products at Architect Outlet come from Malevich Garage’s own warehouse or some of our clients’ stock that we have received or work in accordance with, in order to offer such discounts on their products.

Our mission is to bring back to life lots of high quality products of well known brands that, if it weren’t for this site, would most probably end up on the trash or recycled in some years. We are sure they can be so much better in someone’s hands!

An added value of Architect Outlet is that we avoid overproduction and give a second life cycle to items that by company policy would be removed from the market. This form of sustainability we want to keep as a priority.

The ultimate vision is to offer a gift for yourself or someone close to you. To might have a small defect or sign of use in the packaging that in any case will be notified in text and/or photography. Transport costs are calculated at checkout.

You can follow our constant updated offers at @architectoutlet