Product Condition

Architect Outlet devotes itself to bring back to life Top Brand products that have been removed from in-store selling because of minor imperfections in their physical state, or because they belong already to last-season catalogues.

product condition exampleDistributors, wholesalers, and producers worldwide find themselves with dozens of items in stock that they can’t sell to clients. The reasons for that can be very varied: company policy to not sell products older than 1 year; slight scratches or dents on the packaging; older labels glued to the product, etc.

We have retrieved many of these items to be able to offer them at a discounted price, finally getting to a new owner who extends their useful life and makes much more use of them than they would get on a warehouse.

Besides, we also offer new collections from brands that we manage under the Spanish distribution company Beamalevich.

How do we label products?

We evaluate the physical and mechanical condition of all products. If the product works but its physical condition is not perfect, we may decide to sell it. If the product does not work, regardless of its condition, we will not sell it.

  • #NEW: products sold as #new are brand new products, as they come from the factory.
  • #GOOD: products sold as #good are about the packaging: these are products that are as #new in their physical condition, but either their original packaging is slightly damaged or has been opened, or it has been replaced by us in some other format of packaging to better protect it. Most damages on these products have been caused during warehouse manipulation.
  • #FAIR: products sold as #fair are products that have been evaluated and found to work perfectly and maintain their characteristics, but have visual imperfections or stains and/or accessories are missing. They may or may not include their original packaging. More details and pictures about the status of #fair products can be found in their product pages, where you can find additional condition remarks and detailed images of the imperfections. Most of these products have been returned by museums and institutions after displaying them during Live exhibits and fairs.

In order to avoid further misunderstandings, all #Fair products are packed with extra care and pictured before they leave our premises, in order to ensure that the state of the product at arrival is the same as the one we have advertised on the product page.

Can I return a product?

Yes. Read all about the Shipping & Returns policies of Architect Outlet.

Is it normal that stocks are always changing?

Yes. Since stock of products in specific selling conditions as are #good and #fair objects is limited and is subject to how many products we have retrieved in such conditions, we cannot predict the availability of identical items in the future. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed anytime we upload products so you don’t miss on these limited offers.