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Architect Outlet’s more than 800 products are mostly a selection of items that have been retrieved from warehouses

Distributors and manufacturers find themselves with dozens of items in stock that they can’t sell to clients.
The reasons why such items can’t be commercialized respond mostly to
common logistic issues:

  • a shop doesn’t want to refurbish products whose packaging they damaged, but can’t either return nor sell them

  • new season products replace last season’s and these get stored indefinitely

  • stock of products is never sold, or lost products are re-found, or products are returned to some manufacturers with attached price labels & such

All of these products with different origins are refurbished and put back on sale at Architect Outlet, with discounts on their original retail prices established upon the condition products are sold in. Accordingly, all items in our website are tagged on the pictures on the lower left corner, with tags that indicate their physical status.

How do we label products?

We evaluate the physical and mechanical condition of all products. If the product works but its physical condition is not perfect, we may decide to sell it. If the product does not work, regardless of its condition, we will not sell it.


Product Condition
Product Condition
Product Condition


these products are sold completely brand new, as they come from the factory. They include their original packaging and may be even protected by shrink plastic

#New products are mostly stock from brands that decide to sell brand new products from last season collections through Architect Outlet


these are #new products, but either their original packaging is slightly damaged, has been opened, or has been replaced by us in some other format of packaging to better protect the product

Most scratches and dents on their packaging are caused during warehouse manipulation


these products work perfectly, but have small physical imperfections and/or accessories are missing. Each #fair product has detailed information of their status on their product page

Most of these products have been returned by museums and institutions after having displayed them in exhibitions and/or fairs

If you have any questions regarding the status of any product, its origin, or such, do not hesitate to write us to