A construction game inspired by the Alpha architecton of Russian Kazimir Malevich, in its thinnest version

The Architecton C3 is one of the first products we ever developed and a smaller version of the original C4 model, a more known construction toy in the market.

The idea is simple: you play being Malevich as you create your own architectonsArchitecton C3 is more compact than its big brother C4 but allows to create a smarter, more solid version of what an Architecton is. Size plays a differentiating factor here, allowing the result of your piece-combining adventures to serve a different purpose than it would if it were C4 based. Small pieces here are tiny, which delights detail-oriented users seeking for ‘miniature’ products.

The packaging is high-quality cardboard. The pieces come stuck inside as in a Tetris game, filling the box up to its cover.

Handmade out of wood and painted in white, the Architecton’s C3 texture is very similar to the original plaster used by Malevich.

Architecton C3’s dimensions and display were taken from a square piece composing the backbone of the original ALPHA ARCHITECTON.

Done designed and created by Beamalevich back in 2009.



Dimensions (box):
Length: 8.5 cm // 3.3 in
Width: 9.2 cm // 3.6 in
Height: 7 cm // 2.7 in

221 g // 0.5 lbs

Packaging: high-quality cardboard

Material: precise cut wood, white paint

Designed in Barcelona by Beamalevich