A wooden building blocks construction game inspired by the Alpha architecton of Russian Kazimir Malevich.

The idea is simple: you play being Malevich as you create your own architectons. The possibilities are endless since the product includes several pieces of different sizes – all of them rectangular and smoothly edgy -, and the soft surfaces of each of these give your creations a real sense of existence and tangibility in within space. The free movement that the artist sought to roam in with his original plaster pieces is respectfully reproduced, as well in the lightness of the finished product once you work with it.

The packaging is high-quality cardboard. The pieces come stuck inside as in a Tetris game, filling the box to the millimeter!

Handmade out of wood and painted in white, its texture is very similar to the original plaster used by Malevich.

This was the first product designed and created by Beamalevich back in 2009, in collaboration with master wood crafters from Barcelona who also gave the product its plain white paint coat.



Dimensions (box):
Length: 26 cm // 10.2 in
Width: 7 cm // 2.7 in

532 g // 1.8 lbs

Packaging: high-quality cardboard

Materials: precise cut PFEC wood, white paint