ARTEUM Victor Vasarely ‘Cheyt design’ Tray, a Limited Edition 30 x 37.5 cm premium platter made of black-painted lacquered wood with digital print

Condition: not original packaging. Minor scratches, non-perceptible (see pictures)

A unique edition from the mid 2010s by reknowned French editor ARTEUM.

Own this exclusive kitchen or dining room tray. Both a useful accessory and a decorative item, it is perfect for Optical Art lovers, architects, designers, and anyone with a taste for modern design and the color red.

This is a Victor Vasarely inspired tray. Victor Vasarely was the master of Op Art. He stands in the hall of fame of optical illusion art. It is true, looking at this unique item, that his artworks stand out and actually fit in perfectly with our reality, be it domestic, professional, or artistic.

CHEYT is an optical illusion painting created in 1975. The name ‘CHEYT’ was used for a whole collection of paintings, all of them with similar square, 3-D motives.

Made of black lacquered wood with digital paint representing this painting.



Exact tray size:
Length: 30 cm / 11.8 in
Width: 37.5 cm / 14.8 in
Height: 4.8 cm / 1.89 in

Tray weight:
1.3 kg / 2.86 lb

Black lacquered wood, digital print drawing

Model: ARTEUM Victor Vasarely Cheyt Tray