The Standing Feather mini mobile by Atelier d’Exercices

Condition: it has been exhibited at fairs. (See pictures)

A game for all ages, which revisits the beach windmill. The Hand-held feather mobile can be held or left on its base, to be placed on a window-sill or desk.

Shold not be left outdoors in bad weather (strong wind, rain, hail, or snow).
The feathers can easily be replaced by others you find outdoors.
Do not distort the structure as you may destabilise it.
Unsuitable for children under the age of 8.

Made from metal wire and a real (disinfected) goose feather from carefully treated farm bird. Made in France.

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Height: 27 cm // 10.6 in
Width: 11.5 cm // 4.5 in

How to use: 
Optimize the rotational motion of the feather by adjusting its position (internal side of the feather facing the wind – see diagram nº3)

Designed by TiO for Atelier d’Exercices. Made in France.