Hawaii Bracelet in White, made from Natural Rubber

Our bracelets are hypoallergenic, 100% recyclable, without silicone, petrol and phthalate.

Embark on an exotic journey to Hawaï every time you wear this necklace. Celebrate the change in scenery with our sensual flowers and ride a wave of tropical sensations. Each flower joins with another to enhance your inner beauty.

The flowers will create a thick and elegant cuff around your wrist, arm, or neck. It will also conform to the contours of your skin, allowing you to fully immerse yourself to the tropical paradise. Much like the island itself, everything about this necklace is 100% all natural, allowing you to wear your essence on the outside without sacrificing the wellness of the planet.

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The Batucada pieces of jewelry have a finish resembling tattoos.

Designed By Otalia Noël.



Maximum diameter:

Made of rubber caoutchouc

White finish