2019 means it’s time to celebrate 100 years since the opening in 1919 of the Bauhaus school in Weimar – a school which, in its short lifespan, moved to Dessau and later to Berlin.

This 6-separate-pieces magnet puzzle represents the Bauhaus Dessau building, an emblematic edification designed and later managed by Walter Gropius along the first half of the last century.

From Beamalevich’s collection of magnets inspired by XXth century art and architecture – thus their name “M(art)gnets”.

Building outline easily recognizable in a scale of grey, with the number 100 written in colors to commemorate the century of existence.

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Dimensions (maximum):
Height: 10.5 cm // 4.1 in
Width: 19.1 cm // 7.5 in

Colors: white, black, grey (scaled), blue, red, yellow.

6 separate pieces

Design based on the Malevich Garage 2019 greeting card.
© By Marcel Abellanet