A pack of 3 brooches picturing the Melnikov House, Krutikov’s Flying City Project, and Malevich’s Dwelling project, all Avantgarde Architecture designs made in the 1920s and 1930s.

Konstantin Melnikov, Georgy Krutikov and Kazimir Malevich were, in different measures but on the same field of architecture, artists who worked and executed ahead of their time.

They belonged to a current of artists that made a career in Soviet Era Russia, who sought to go beyond traditionalism and set new bases of design, art, and architecture for the future of the country. Many of them, however, were cancelled or purged as years brought ever-increasing turbulence to Russia’s political panorama.

The brooch has a secure safety pin on its back, to be able to tie it in pieces of cloth.

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Height: 6 cm // 2.4 in
Width: 6 cm // 2.4 in

1 x Melnikov House
1 x Krutikov Flying City Project
1 x Malevich Dwelling Project