The Malevich Sportsman, a handmade ceramic statue of one of Kazimir Malevich’s Harlequins from his famous 1931 Sportsmeny painting, by Beamalevich

This eye-catching ceramic is one of the starring figures in Kazimir Malevich’s 1931 painting “Sportsmen”, also known as The Athletes. By turning it into a statue, this exquisite artistic piece becomes a true embodiment of artistic excellence, a collector’s dream (the pack of the 4 Sportsmen figures are very much appreciated in the world of art), and a testament to the enduring influence of Malevich’s avant-garde vision.

At first glance, you’ll be transported back into the radical energy of the early 20th century, to a time when Malevich’s revolutionary art was changing the world from Soviet Russia.

The statue perfectly encapsulates the dynamic movement and geometric shapes that define Malevich’s “Sportsmen,” making it an impeccable homage to the original artwork. Few items have the vivacity and presence of this collection of statues, due to their color plasticity and modernity, but also to the straight lines with which they shape the human silhouette, just as in the original painting.

The statue is made with 100% traditional methods, by a family of Ceramists from the north of Italy currently on their 3rd generation of Ceramic Masters. It’s cast in clay and hand painted with acrylic under exclusive request from Beamalevich – so every single piece is absolutely unique with the flair of the artist at the moment of making!

Although the base is round in shape, the base is flat, allowing the statue to stand as an exempt figure.

It is shipped in a custom made case with all guarantee of protection and authenticity.

Piece 2/4 of the Sportsmen collection. More models available in our site.



Height: 30 cm // 11.8 in
Width: 19 cm // 7.5 in
Length: 19 cm // 7.5 in

1000 g // 2.2 lb // 37.3 oz

handmade clay, acrylic paint

white, black, blue, yellow, red, orange