HOUSE Brutalism inspired its motives and patters, to create structures with Brutalist style

Build freely and compose structures with this Brutalist inspired HOUSE™ architecture toy medium pack. Create futuristic constructions with ease – you can do anything from brutalist, to constructivist, to inspired in modern architecture movements!

Brutalism is the collective name for the sculptural concrete architecture that spread across the planet from mid 1950s till 1970s. Play with the most iconic facades and make yourself a brutal building.

Blank cardboard sheets with brutalist designs included, as shown on the picture. To create and colorize together, stimulating your senses.

Wood bases with linear slots also included. A versatile and natural basis for your constructions.

90º metal plaques also included. The pilars your corners need.

Markers not included.



Dimensions (packaging):
Length: 9 cm // 3.5 in
Width: 17 cm // 6.7 in
Height: 5.6 cm // 2.2 in

Weight (full product):
390 g // 0.85 in

Material: wood, metal, & cardboard

4 x square wood bases
1 x rectangular wood base
3 x metal shaped walls
15 x square cardboard walls with drawings Brutalist style, in black and white