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CREA.TU Geometric Slate construction toy – Boxed


500 in stock

500 in stock

An educational tool for children to experiment and create, CREA.TU is a geometric slate construction toy you can paint, combine, and build with

CREA.TU comprises a kit of geometrical figures with slate surface designed by Barcelona-based Eduard Tió, a former Elisava student specialized in the projection and creation of toys with educational and therapeutical purposes, without forgetting their aesthetical side.

With CREA.TU, you can build structures easily by combining the geometrical pieces putting them together with each other – then decorate them as you like with chalk.

All wood pieces are covered in a coat of slate, which gives an extra boost to plastic language with the help of chalk.
CREA.TU allows you to create both flatly or in 3-D thanks to the wood’s notches.

Packed version of the product. The box is artistical, inspired in the toy, and stands out visually (shown in the pictures). You can play with it as well, combining its rectangular pieces with the inner toy, stored inside protected by its solid manufacture.

An unpacked version of CREA.TU is also available on our website.



Dimensions (packaging):
Length: 19.5 cm // 7.7 in
Width: 19.5 cm // 7.7 in
Height: 9 cm // 3.5 in

1286 g // 2.8 lb // 45.4 oz

Materials: precise cut wood, slate paint

3 x circles
3 x squares
3 x triangles
2 x big squares (parts of the packaging)
2 x rectangles (parts of the packaging)

All shapes are combinable
Slate surface allows chalk drawing
Available version without packaging also on our site (shrink wrapping)

Designed in Barcelona by Eduard Tió.

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The public launch of the CREA.TU revealed a genius and talent applied to quite an unexplored field. The toy quickly stands out as a revelation in the terms and conditions of what playing means, since there is nothing to be built, but so there is everything – the same impact that Malevich’s architectons originated in society, CREA.TU brings into creative institutions and, moreover, into therapeutical and learning centers in which freedom of movement is sought.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm




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