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DIETERS HOLZSPIELZEUG DIY Solar Airship and toy Zeppelin – Experiment with solar energy

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3 in stock

DIY Toy Zeppelin kit to create a floatable and playable balloon experimental vehicle, by Dieters Holzspielzeug

Looking for a sympathetic toy for your kids or yourself?
Fly a beautiful black toy zeppelin as a kite…
Experiment with solar energy! A true physical experiment only using the power of the sun!

Due to its dark body, the airship (3 x 1 meters) absorbs the majority of the rays of the sun that fall on it. This warms up the air in the tube which makes it lighter or less dense than the surrounding air. As a result, it begins to float upwards! It will start to fly taking with it the extremely light plastic tube included.

A true educational item, that explains some basic physical properties.

Attach it to a string and drive it around 🙂



Dimensions (packaging):
Length: 15.5 cm // 6.1 in
Width: 11 cm // 4.3 in
Depth: 3.2 cm // 1.2 in

black plastic zeppelin
extremely light plastic tube for getting air in and out of it

Additional information

Weight 0,113 kg
Dimensions 15,5 × 11 × 3,2 cm


Dieters Spielzeug


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