An ergonomic 30-meters note pad with paper rolls and a cutting edge – known as “Notes à l’infini”

Condition: one of the two paper rolls opened for showing at an exhibition. No pencil (see pictures)

Endless Notes is designed to write down messages, notes, and shopping lists. It can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table.

The steel structure is sturdy and solid. The paper roll (30 meters) allows prolonged use and helps save paper. The serrated edge cuts paper easily – small holes on the side of the base placed at centimeter intervals aid in making well-spaced lists. When marked, the paper can be used as a ruler.

Integrated pencil holders.

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Length: 25 cm // 9.8 in
Width: 8 cm // 3.1 in
Depth: 0.15 cm // 0.6 in

Weight (whole pack):
567 g // 1.25 lbs

2 x paper rolls (approximately 30 m // 1181 inches each)

Designed by Sebastian Bergne for Atelier d’Exercices