Everything Stand Bamboo Book stand and Podium by Beamalevich

With a minimal design and simple and effective assembly, the Bamboo Everything Stand is the versatile solution for displaying books of any weight and size. Guaranteed!

A super gift for both modern and rustic house interiors, the Bamboo Bookstand is one of the most elegant, smooth, and resistant choices in the market.

Whether you want to pile up magazines by the sofa, read from an open book on your desk or kitchen, or simply show your dear objects, this is the great choice. What other object could be used as a podium, stand, lectern, all at once?

If you’re looking for a sustainable and useful desktop podium, lectern, or book stand, this is it.

Also available in sturdy black iron.



Dimensions (unfolded):
Height: 28.5 cm // 11.2 in
Width: 21 cm // 8.3 in
Length: 30 cm // 11.8 in

1410 g // 3.1 lbs

Material: natural bamboo from controlled plantations – entirely sustainable

Model: Beamalevich Everything Stand Bamboo book stand