The Everything Stand metal book stand, lectern, and book shelf – by BEAMALEVICH

Enjoy the versatility and elegance of the Everything Stand, the sturdiest and most minimalistic book stand made of metal and placeable anywhere!

With its versatile design, this can be your new floor, sofa-side shelf.

Pick it up and put it on a tabletop – now you can display open books at perfect eyesight angle.

With an absolutely smooth surface, the Everything Stand has a purely elegant finish, plus comes together with its custom-made, magnet-closing hard case so you can carry it safely unmounted.

Simply the best organizational purchase, that becomes a life-lasting companion!

Painted in black, official hue of Pantone colors n. 419



Dimensions (unfolded):
Height: 28.5 cm // 11.2 in
Width: 21 cm // 8.3 in
Length: 30 cm // 11.8 in

Colour: Pantone 419 (black)

cast iron, powder paint