As intelligent as it would be to create a notebook whose pages were in fact whiteboards, it would be nothing it if weren’t done. UNDO Notebooks have found the way to the modern and the Eco-friendly, by building their products upon this principle –  their journals intercalate white writable boards and transparent sheets on which to write, draw or edit as much as desired without having to erase the content of the board below.

The EXECUTIVE A4 is a universal DIN-A4 sized notebook with 8 whiteboard surfaces to work on. It has a high professional finish, and it is thought to users who will give it a constant use, to provide support to presentations, to sketch designs quickly and comfortably, or to help to communicate ideas more visually.

Ready to take over bureaus and offices any time, you won’t need to waste any more paper.

A portable pack of whiteboards + marker to take with you!


Dimensions (DIN A4):
Height: 29 cm // 11.4 in
Width: 21 cm // 8.3 in

Colour: black

– 4 plain white whiteboards, double-sided (8 whiteboard surfaces)
– 5 transparent sheets to overlap over the whiteboards
– Black marker
– Suede cloth to clean

Hard cover with rubber band closure

Professional finish