A Flatiron Building model in plaster made by Chisel & Mouse

The Flatiron was designed by Daniel Burnham, a founder of the ‘Chicago School’ style of architecture. Completed in 1902 the building was built using a unique steel skeleton which became the prototype for many skyscrapers that followed.

The Flatiron Building became an icon of New York City, and the public response to it was enthusiastic, but the critical response to it at the time was not completely positive, and what praise it garnered was often for the cleverness of the engineering involved.

Made of strong plaster that has a reassuring weight and smooth and cool feel.

Handmade in Sussex, England.

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Architect: Daniel Burnham

Opening year: 1902

Style: Renaissance Revival

Real building address: 175 5th Ave at East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010 (UNITED STATES)

Height: 28 cm // 11 in
Width: 17 cm // 6.7 in
Depth: 8 cm // 3.1 in

3.5 kg // 7.7 lb

Material: plaster