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LOVI FINLAND Wooden Cherry Tree toy figure 22 cm – Various colors

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Assemble a cool wood 3-D cherry or season tree for yourself piece-per-piece, or send it easily as a gift.

The tree comes in a flat wooden matrix on a postcard-like package.

Simply remove the pieces from the wooden matrix and follow the assembly illustrated instructions inside the package. Easy for all kinds of publics! Can be assembled and disassembled over and over again. 3 extra flowers.

Perfect as table top decoration, as children’s toys, or as a decorative animal figure. All the wood leaves can be separated from the branches, letting you customize it at your taste!

Absolutely sustainable and made with love by Lovi Oy in Finland!

Available in 4 different colours and in a smaller size.



Dimensions (mounted):
Height: 22 cm // 8.7 in
Width: 22 cm // 8.7 in

Available colors: white — warm yellow — pale green — light pink

Material: eco-friendly, Finnish birch plywood. PEFC-certified.

Made in Finland. Patented.

Design: © Anne Paso 2016

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Lovi Ltd is a family run company based in Northern Finland. They produce flat packed 3D figures from wood, designed and patented by Anne Paso.

The products are 100% made in Finland and made from the highest Finnish quality, PEFC -certified birch plywood. The products are assembled by hands without any tools. Slotting cleverly together the beautiful Lovi shapes provide a sense of wonder as they take shape and come alive. All with the added satisfaction of working with your hands.

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