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Fun DNA is created by architect and designer Louise Helmersen who has found inspiration in the microscopic world of molecules. The result is a DNA-like string of playfully colored balls of felt floating in the air.

Livingly is a Danish design and craftsman company owned by architect Louise Helmersen and her husband Kent Sejdelin, who runs the business. They have specialized in the design and production of handmade paper craft and mobiles, following the Danish tradition. Livingly ApS was established in 2008 with the sole vision of adding inspiring and original creative Danish artistry to the home. Made in Denmark!

“Experimenting with folding and cutting paper and other material, we enjoy creating new designs – we believe that the great tradition of Anni & Bent Knudsen deserves to be carried on, and we keep coming up with new designs for you to enjoy.”


Height: 45 cm // 17.7 in

Colour: many colours

Material: felt, brass

Designed by Louise Helmersen in Denmark (2012)