Very limited edition of the Guggenheim New York model in plaster made by Chisel & Mouse

A landmark work of 20th-century architecture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, this cylindrical building, wider at the top than the bottom, was conceived as a “temple of the spirit”. Its unique ramp gallery extends up from ground level in a long, continuous spiral along the outer edges of the building to end just under the ceiling skylight.

The building embodies Wright’s attempts “to render the inherent plasticity of organic forms in architecture.” The Guggenheim was to be the only museum designed by Wright.

The city location required Wright to design the building in a vertical rather than a horizontal form, far different from his earlier, rural works.

Made of strong plaster that has a reassuring weight and smooth and cool feel. Window frame and railings are made of etched brass.

Handmade in Sussex, England.

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Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright

Opening year: 1959

Style: Modernist

Real building address: 1071 5th Avenue, New York City, NY (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA)

Dimensions (sculpture):
Height: 14 cm // 5.5 in
Width: 24 cm // 9.4 in
Depth: 6 cm // 2.3 in

1 kg approximately // 2.2 lbs approximately

Material: plaster, etched brass