Feather Mobile to hang, by Atelier d’Exercices

If you’re looking for a non-conventional hanging mobile, here it is.
Ultra lightweight suspendable mobile composed of barely two feathers.
Hang it from the ceiling. Decorate with reminiscences of lightness and grace. Its design could remind of the golden ratio.

Mobile to be hung from the ceiling or outdoors, from a branch of a tree, or under cover, preferably where a draught can reach it.
Optimize the rotational motion of the feather by adjusting its position (internal side of the feather facing the wind).

Should not be left outdoors in bad weather (strong wind, rain, hail or snow)
The feathers can easily be replaced by others you find outdoors.
Do not distort the structure as you may destabilise it.

Made from metal wire and real (disinfected) goose feather and duck feather from carefully treated farm birds.



Size (with feathers):
Height: 32 cm / 12.6 in
Width: 40 cm / 15.7 in

Hand made in France.

Design by TiO