IKONIC TOYS Minibus, vehicle n. 4 of the Duotone Series, by design toy maker Floris Hovers

Inspired in the classical 60s Volkswagen camper van, a model that remains iconic for many hippies today.

Nowadays it is pretty hard to find toys that leave room for the child’s’ imagination, and still, do look good. The Duotone cars are inspired by cars of the past but do have that contemporary look where Floris is famous for.

The vehicle’s colors are as pictured.

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Not suitable for children under 3.



Length: 13 cm // 5.1 in
Width: 4,5 cm // 1.8 in
Height: 4,5 cm // 1.8 in

FSC certified beech wood, paint

Designed by Floris Hovers

From Ikonic Toys’ Duotone Collection