LAMY CP1 Ballpoint Pen – Mies

The ballpoint pen belongs to the best of all known products. As a long-lasting, reliable writing system, it is one of the most important products of our daily lives.

Lamy ballpoint pens are universally usable and are characterized by an appealing design and a long lifespan. Regardless of whether you are writing a short memo, making a quick rough draft or signing a document – a Lamy ballpoint pen is always a dependable item to have at your side. And what makes it special is this: designed lovingly and produced with high quality in Germany, a Lamy ballpoint pen gives joy to its owner for many years and adds quality to his everyday life.

Official product of the Mies Barcelona Pavilion shop.
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Ballpoint pen. Cylindrical body with sprung, axle-mounted clip made of solid stainless steel.

Guilloche structure with luxurious platinum finish.

With giant refill LAMY M16 black M.

Pen dimensions:
Length: 14 cm // 5.5 in
Width: 0.8 cm // 0.3 in

Designer: Gerd A. Müller