Autogami, a solar panel powered toy car to mount by yourself, by French solar toy maker LITOGAMI

Autogami is the DIY solar powered car. Build it, charge it and play! To use, put Autogami on the window–sill during daytime to charge. Switch it on and watch it run.

You can decorate it as you please, painting its frames, bodywork, doing some visual tuning to any of its parts… Interesting toy for both children and adults alike to experiment with solar energy, customization, and assembling.

A perfect way to learn and to gain conscience on sustainability and alternative energy methods. A true piece of electrical engineering of easy comprehension!

One day’s charge in sunlight = 25 minutes running time.

Check out the “Casagami”, the solar powered toy house by Litogami.



Dimensions (packaging):
Height: 16.2 cm // 6.4 in
Width: 22.9 cm // 9 in
Thickness: 2 cm // 0.8 in

Dimensions (mounted car):
Height: 9.4 cm // 3.6 in
Width: 3.9 cm // 1.5 in
Depth: 5.3 cm // 2.1 in

Weight (total pack):
100 g // 0.2 lbs

Warranty: 1 year

1 x precut, printed sheet of cardboard
1 x patented adhesive “Solar Module”, made up of a mini solar panel
1 x switch
1 x Lithium-Ion battery

Made in France