By Danish brand Livingly mobile est. 1956

Livingly has designed a series of Bauhaus-inspired cards in cooperation with Bauhaus Dessau Museum. They come originally in packs of 6 cards (offered at discount price), but you can also buy them unit per unit.

About a century ago, the Bauhaus Design School offered paper construction courses to the students – still inspiring today’s designers. These Livingly cards honour the Bauhaus idea by making geometrical paper art with simple cuts and folds.

Bauhaus was a German school of design and architecture from 1919 to 1933. In the 1920’s the school moved from Weimar to Dessau into the famous Bauhaus building.



Dimensions (unfolded card):
Length: 14.8 cm // 5.8 in
Width: 14.8 cm // 5.8 in
Depth: 7.4 cm // 2.9 in

Color: yellow (also available in light brown, red, grey, and blue)

Material: Paper

Designed by Louise Helmersen in Denmark (2016)