By Danish brand Livingly mobile est. 1956

With the Multi Mobile you can construct many different shapes based on Multi Elements.

This DIY kit contains 30 Multi Elements, 2 brass bars, and thread – enough for you to make your own mobile, as shown on the front of the packaging. Extra elements can be purchased separately.

Decorate the mobile with paint or ink. Draw anything of your taste on the ink absorbent cardboard and decorate the mobile.

“Experimenting with folding and cutting paper and other material, we enjoy creating new designs – we believe that the great tradition of Anni & Bent Knudsen deserves to be carried on, and we keep coming up with new designs for you to enjoy.”

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Length: 60 cm // 23.6 in
Width: 40 cm // 15.7 cm

Colors: white

Material: Paper

30 x Multi Elements
2 x Brass bars

Designed by Louise Helmersen in Denmark (2018)