By Danish brand Livingly mobile brand est. 1956

Since 1952 the Danish artists Anni and Brent Knudsen designed award winning paper cuts and mobiles. The Anni & Brent Knudsen CollectionTM is a reintroduction of these masterpieces. The Three Monkeys is one of those, an original mobile sculpture design from… 1978!

The Horses Mobile is inspired on the historical and familiar domestic animal of the horse. They hang beautifully in black, one by one, as in a parade. Truly – one of the human’s best friends and most sympathetic ‘big’ animals together with dolphins and dogs!

“Experimenting with folding and cutting paper and other material, we enjoy creating new designs – we believe that the great tradition of Anni & Bent Knudsen deserves to be carried on, and we keep coming up with new designs for you to enjoy.”

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Height: 30 cm // 12 in

Colors: black, brown, and hair on creme

Material: Paper

Designed by Anni & Bent Knudsen in Denmark (1978)