Create your own London skyline in full detail – by BEAMALEVICH

If you’ve ever dreamt of having your own tabletop London silhouette, look no further! Shapes of London is an incredible and unique 3D cityscape of The City that will fit your precise desire!

Finally, an interactive way to enjoy your city. Build, unbuild, combine, remove, use the pieces at your wish with perfectly recognizable outlines – to the smallest detail!

The standing methacrylate buildings feature Paris’ most iconic landmarks, from the London Eye to the Buckingham Palace, through St Pauls Cathedral to the Tower of London or the Big Ben. Slide the pieces on the wood base for endless, new perspectives of a London skyline.

Creatives will also enjoy the pieces on their own – for photography, for video capturing, for drawing their outline on paper… tons of fun for a one-time purchase!

With a high level of detail each, this collection also comprises skylines of Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Bilbao, New York City

From near to far, old to new, most known to to-discover… What architectural order do you want today?



Dimensions (wood base):
Length: 39 cm // 15.3 in
Width: 8 cm // 3.1 in
Height: 0.9 cm // 0.35 in

Weight (full product):
250 g approx. // 0.5 lb

certified elm wood & methacrylate

1 x wood base with 5 grooves
6 x different sized methacrylate building outlines

Designed and made in Barcelona

Packed in a design cardboard box