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LOVI Bird 8 cm Wooden Figure – Light Green


Sold out!

Sold out!

A Sustainable 9.5 cm Owl wooden toy figure in Grey, by Lovi Finland

Assemble a cool wood 3-D owl for yourself piece-per-piece, or send it easily as a gift.

The owl comes in a flat wooden matrix on a postcard-like package. (See it in the pictures!)

Simply remove the pieces from the wooden matrix and follow the assembly illustrated instructions inside the package. Easy for all kinds of publics!

Perfect as table top decoration, as children’s toys, or as a decorative animal figure.

Absolutely sustainable and made with love by Lovi Oy in Finland!

Available in 2 different colours.



  • Size (height): 9.5cm
  • Package size/weight: 15cm x 24cm x 3mm / 55g
  • Colors: Grey (also available in natural wood)
  • Material: Eco-friendly, Finnish birch plywood. PEFC-certified.

Made in Finland. Patented.

Design: Anne Paso 2020.

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Lovi Bird Wooden Animal figure in Light Green, 8 cm

One classic silhouette this bird is. One of the first products created by Lovi, beautifully paired with their trees and ready to sit on your finger.

This Lovi Oy Finland figure is assembled piece-per-piece from thin wood sheets, joined together in a specific order, to end up making lively wooden 3D animals!

The wooden sheets from which you create the bird come in a postcard-like style (you can see it on the pictures!). This makes Lovi animals a perfect gift to send to someone’s post box and a compact detail to carry with you – and even a fun challenge!

Simply remove the pieces from the wooden matrix and follow the assembly illustrated instructions included. Easy for all kinds of publics. Attach it to the wave-shaped base in the package, and place it on a windowsill, bookshelf, or nursery. Take in the joy, playfulness, and goodwill it brings.

Perfect as table top decoration, as a child’s toy, or simply as a decorative animal figure for your collection!

Absolutely sustainable and made with love by Lovi Oy in Finland! They replant every single tree they cut to manufacture these beauties.


Dimensions (postcard):
Length: 10 cm // 3.9 in
Width: 17 cm // 6.7 in
Thickness: 0,2 cm // 0.08 in

Available colors: light blue, and bright red

Material: sustainable PEFC-certified Finnish birch plywood
Hand painted with water based, non-toxic toy paint. Natural wood material is seen through the thin paint layer.

Model: Lovi Bird 8 cm Light Green

Made in Finland. Patented.
Designed by Anne Paso in 2020.

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