The smallest wooden house of the Outline family, by Mad Lab

Mad Lab provides design solutions with a unique point of view. Items are crafted with most care by artisans and industrialists, giving an additional value to the design-craft-industry relationship by promoting fair trade values.

Outline is a collection of objects that represents a playful space, of mood, where one finds the symbols and shapes for creating a close-wove lattice that represents the particular place where our souls are kept. It is also a space of unions, possible encounters and relations among the different elements to form other houses. Each element in itself is a house, not just any old house, our house, where the silence of our intimacy reigns.

Piece 3/3 from the Mad Lab Outlines collection.

Designed by Antonio Serrano.



Height: 16 cm // 6.3 in
Width: 11 cm // 4.3 in
Depth: 10.5 cm // 4.1 in

283 g // 0.62 lbs

Material: solid oak (with finger joints), natural wax (for surface finish)

Handmade in Madrid Laboratory.

Designed by Antonio Serrano.

Model: Mad Lab Outline Small