Malevich Ceramic Teapot set including the Suprematist teapot plus 2 Suprematist cups

Condition: the product is brand new (See pictures). It is packed with extreme care and shipment is secured with UPS.

In Russian flea markets it is common to find items dating from the Soviet era as other elements inspired in the peculiar XXth century Russian architecture and art movemements.

Malevich and Kandinsky are two common names in modern Russia, a country where art has never gotten stuck on stencil only – one of the National cult objects is the wooden carved or ceramic made matryoshkas, for instance.

This teapot is a living part of tangible, touchable art. Acquired from an antiques merchant in the streets of Moscow, there are few editions of this teapot set in the market, and moreover many of them differ slightly from the rest.

It is long and thin, in Suprematist motives as if built with an Architecton by Malevich himself.

An identical ceramic set was sold by the New Tate Museum at around 1200 €.



Dimensions (teapot):
Length: 24 cm // 9.4 in
Width: 9.5 cm // 3.7 in
Height: 15 cm // 5.9 in

Weight (whole set):
1260 g // 2.78 lbs