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PSTR Wall Art: Maliv 1 + 1 = 3 poster – 50 x 70 cm Digital Print

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1 in stock

Maliv 1 + 1 = 3 poster edited by PSTR

Digitally printed on 250 gr museum quality paper with vivid colour and exceptional detail, suitable for home, office, museum, or gallery display

The Bauhaus School has been a pioneering design well that has inspired whole generations of designers and architects from its birth and with its works.

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Height: 50 cm // 19.7 in
Width: 70 cm // 27.6 in

Artist: Maliv

Poster is sent rolled, inside a custom-made cardboard cylinder.

Edited by PSTR Studio.

Reference: PSTR Maliv 1 + 1 = 3


In the words of Maliv, the artist:

“The real voyage of discovery does not consist in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. »M. Proust –

A unique being + A unique being = the Relationship.
But for this equation to work it is necessary to come out of the merger,
that great illusion of love that blurs our vision: this need to be one.

It is a misty gaze that we put on the other who is conditioned and who projects a certain image, of the other and of me, which I like more than reality.
It’s a way of running away from each other’s faults and mine and clinging to an almighty, more solid and infallible “we”.

As soon as I find these flaws, I can decide to go to other landscapes or to experience Le grand Amour. The authentic, the one where I see the other as he is, where I give him his place and where I take mine. It is not to choose oneself in full seduction, by showing myself in my best light,
but it is to choose oneself when we are also the opposite: average, ugly, boring, undesirable, below, weak …

This is how the sincere relationship is born, when its two protagonists leave room to be unique together.

This living organism will live and last as long as both parents invest in it and nourish it, each contributing their part.

The journey can begin when I agree to change my gaze to see the other as he is here and not as I imagine him elsewhere.

Here begins the discovery of Love.”

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