Official Mies Pavilion Barcelona single magnet

The model has the sempiternal Mies van der Rohe’s quote “Less is more” on it, plus the Mies Barcelona Pavilion Foundation logo.

This magnet stick anywhere metallic, anytime, giving any surface a good cultural scope!

Less is More is a way of life, a minimalistic approach to having and enjoying and feeling fulfilled. In line with old Greek philosophy (like that of the stoics, as well as Roman like Marcus Aurelius), this sentence applies so well to modern lives with inbred consumerist matters and restless heads that strive too hard for perfection and complexity. Keep it simple – cut the bullshit – take the shortest way to clarity.

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Height: 55 mm // 2.2 in
Width: 80 mm // 3.1 in

26 g // 0.05 lb

Colour: black & white

Other models available.