Mini Espresso Bialetti Malevich Red (two cups included)

Price also includes three Magnets Malevich-inspired as shown on the pictures.

A perfect get together with aroma and art – the original coffeemaker brand designed for that this unique special moment. A pleasure of taste that comes with three Malevich inspired magnets to express yourself through this mixture of coffee and art. 

Innovative serving: The coffee is served directly into the cups, which are heated by the special aluminum plate. We have chosen this Malevich red intense color for the perfect morning mood or delightful afternoon.

For over 90 years, Italian Bialetti has been transmitting the values of European tradition through a journey of aromas, colours, and flavours that speak about home, daily habits and conviviality; it talks about attention towards the design, care for the details, it simplifies every gesture in the kitchen; it transmits quality, passion, experience, and reliability. It has revolutionized the pleasure, as Malevich did with art.

Easy to use. Coffee grain is placed on the filter over the base deposit, which is filled with water. When this water boils, a noisy air blow marks the moment in which hot coffee flows from both tubes and equally fills the recipients – cups in this case – placed on the aluminium platform at both sides of it. And coffee is served!

This Espresso Mini Maker kit includes the two official and red painted coffee cups that accompany the machine.


HEIGHT: 25 cm // 9.8 in
WIDTH: 20 cm // 7.9 in
DEPTH: 15 cm // 5.9 in

699 g // 1.5 lb // 24.7 oz

Material: aluminium, ceramic

Model number: 6190

Colors: red