Mola Structural Kit 2 – Practical Structural & Architectural Modeling for real-life analysis

Probably the most realistic construction toy in the market today, Mola is an interactive physical model that simulates the behavior of architectural structures. Including a set of modular pieces easily combinable with magnetic assemblers, with Mola you can translate paper plans into reliable 3D scale models that will obey the laws of nature just like a real life building would.

With Mola Structural Kit 2, you can compose different structural systems like cantilevers, stayed columns, geodesics, and more. Quicker than making a computer model, use Mola to visualize the movements and deformations of their elements, and have a sensory and proven experience of structural behaviour using your own hands.

Just like a professional tool, Mola comprises a Collection of Kits with which to assemble from suspended bridges to tension members right in the top of your desk. Whether you are an Architect or Engineer or just love the concept, get Mola to develop an intuitive knowledge of structural behaviour to help you through the conception phase of a project – or experiment, learning about the real viability of buildings you come up with!

You can visit the kit’s manual on PDF to have a glimpse of use and possibilities of this toy for your practice.

Price already includes Brazilian duties and importation paid.

Pieces stick together by magnetic assembly.


This product contains small magnets and it’s NOT A TOY. As such, it is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER 14 years old.

Swallowed magnets can cause damage to internal organs and can result in SERIOUS INJURIES or DEATH;

. Keep away from ALL children;
. Be aware of dropped or separated magnets;
. Keep away from mouth and nose;

Seek immediate medical attention if magnet(s) were swallowed or inhaled.

Read all safety instructions here.



Dimensions (box):
32 x 23.8 x 4.5 cm
12.6 x 9.4 x 1.8 in

Weight (boxed):
2100 g
4.6 lbs

Contains 145 parts (shown on product pictures up left):
18 x connections
12 x rigid connections 90º
12 x continuous connections
12 x continuous connections 90º
6 x ground connections
18 x bars of 4
30 x bars of 6
24 x diagonals d4x6
9 x diagonals d6x6
3 x plates 6×6
1 x ground with matrix
Also contains a Manual Book in both Portuguese/English. You can also check the manual here.


This qualitative analysis tool can be used as a resource to conventional methods of study, conception and verification of structures.

With this set you can build different structural configurations and visualize many situations linked to structural concepts such as:

    • Cantilever
    • Continuous beam
    • Grid
    • Buckling effective length
    • Stayed columns
    • Trussed beam
    • Multi-span frame
    • Geodesics

Mola Structural Kit 2 includes more pieces than model 1 and it is a great option if you are not sure which model you want to choose as starters. The structural Kits 1 and 2 are a great introduction, and you may prefer to choose Mola Structural Kit 3 if you are more interested in experimenting with cables.

The Mola Structural Kit 2 works independently from Mola Structural Kit 1 and requires no prior technical knowledge for you to start studying the structures. It is very simple and instinctive to use and is applicable to both professionals and students, as well as anyone interested in the subject.