MoMA Playing Cards inspired in Frank Lloyd Wright, an Official MoMA museum store product

A pack of 2 Standard 52-card deck French suited playing cards. Common decks. Standard size.

On the picture, the patterns of the rear side of each deck of cards: two stained glass windows from the Coonley Playhouse.

Leaded clear and colored cased glass, each 18 5/6 and 34 3/16″.

Products developed and distributed by The Museum of Modern Art reflect the Museum’s commitment to modern art and good design.



Dimensions (case):
Length: 9.6 cm // 3.8 in
Width: 12.6 cm // 4.9 in
Height: 2.3 cm // 0.9 in

Weight (whole case):
222 g // 0.5 lb

Inspired in Frank Lloyd Wright works. Product first designed and created in 1996 (this is a more modern edition)