Mori The Wire Dog book stand in Black

A fairly original book stand.

Mori is the dog of Ljung Kim, Korean designer of Studio ALB. But it is also the object created by Ljung to keep your books half-read. Made with iron and with a leather strap, it’s nice and an excellent gift.

According to Ljung, “The idea started from our real dog, Mori. She was an abandoned dog, found on the streets of Itaewon (a crowded place in South Korea). We took her to the veterinary clinic and had a few treatments since she was in horrible shape. It has been more than two years since Mori has been staying with us. Now, she is healthier than any other dog we can see.

The name of the product and the image in the package are actually from the real Mori. Mori is always somewhere next to us. Sitting on a chair next to us, laying beside our legs, running and jumping to play with us whenever she’s bored. And I guess this item is kind of like our real Mori. Waiting for us, all the time… (but, wearing a book instead of clothes)”.

The product comes packed inside its official box, a great example of design and ergonomy based on the size and characteristics of Mori.

Indeed, a unique design prowess – and very, very loyal.


Height: 27 cm // 10.6 in
Width: 34 cm // 13.4 in
Depth (open): 4.5 cm // 1.8 in

276 g // 0.6 lbs

Color: black

Material: iron, leather strap