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NOOZ are reading glasses which help you to see on short distance at anytime and anyplace. Modern, simple and discreet, they become a convenient part of your daily life, making it a lot much easier in a stylish way. They stand for a mini-revolution, combining high-quality optics to design and comfort, all together in a lightweight package!

Super practical: The case comes in the shape of your Nooz for the greatest convenience. It’s a perfect item for traveling. The glasses are made for fast and frequent handling. The case is rigid, really compact and features a soft touch finish.

Super light: Only 6 grams! The shape offers outstanding performance without any unpleasant pressure on the nasal bridge. Total freedom for your temples and ears.

Super safe: Designed with the Ophtalmology Center of Dauphiné in Grenoble (France), these are high-quality glasses, made in France. The frame is made of high-performance polycarbonates which makes it crystal clear with great stretch and heat resistance. The glasses boast protection against scratches.


Color: alpin white

Frame size:
HEIGHT: 4 cm // 1.6 in
WIDTH: 11 cm // 4.3 in
THICKNESS: 0.5 cm // 0.2 in

Frame weight:
6 g // 0.2 oz

Case weight:
11 g // 0.3 oz

Available corrections: +1 // +1.5 // +2 // +2.5 // +3