Notabag Blossom

This special edition Blossom pattern by We Are Out Of Office is inspired by the lovely time of year when the cherry trees start to bloom the most. It is a prime launched summer ’22!

Notabag is a smart combination of a handbag and a backpack. With a single pull on the straps, it transforms itself from a sleek eco-friendly bag into an easy-to-carry backpack.

Easily convertible, Notabag adapts to your needs and your carrying style. The cotton + nylon mix allows it to be extremely versatile & foldable, as well as resistant to be used as an affordable and modern rucksack.

Inside the bag, there is an attached pocket where you can keep your wallet or your keys. When the bag is not in use, the bag folds into that pocket and becomes a hand-sized pouch.

There are different color and pattern models available for all types of publics and tastes. See them by clicking here!

Notabag awards

Dimensions (unfolded): 
45 x 65 cm
17.7 x 25.6 in

Dimensions (folded and fit inside the pouch):
13 x 15.5 cm
5.1 x 6.1 in

Material: cotton & rip–stop nylon mix

Model: Notabag Blossom (summer ’22!)

Reusable / Eco-Friendly