Orbitkey Crazy Horse Leather Key Organizer in Black/Tan combination

Carry all your keys and small metal belongings with this key ring. Add all your daily keys and include useful accessories like USB Sticks, Bottle Openers & more.

Orbitkey is an award-winning product that was born from the need to carry keys in a compact and friendly way. Conceived to transform your keys into a beautiful, silent stack, the final version of the Original Orbitkey Key Ring has 4 basic, unique benefits:

  1. No key jingle and scratches
  2. Carry 2 to 7 keys
  3. Flexible yet secure locking mechanism
  4. Carry your car key with the D-Ring included

It is sent in its original box, a 2-piece case.

It is also available in Rubber, Nylon, and other materials. See all our collection by clicking these words.

Winner of the 2018 iF Good Design Award!



Length: 9 cm // 3.5 in
Width: 2 cm // 0.8 in

Weight (boxed):
43 g // 0.1 lb

Color: aubergine purple

Made by Orbitkey