Orbitkey 8 GB Pendrive Stick with USB 3.0

Carry important documents with this key ring accessory. Add it casually to your daily keys, and feel free to enlargen the collection and utility of your key organizer with more tools like Bottle Openers, etc.

Orbitkey is an award-winning product that was born from the need to carry keys in a compact and friendly way, conceived to transform your keys into a beautiful, silent stack. You can see all Orbitkey Key Organizer models available at Architect Outlet in clicking these words.

To complement their unique key organizers, Orbitkey developed a line of useful accessories to your key rings and organizers.

This USB Stick has fast transfer speed (from its 3.0 port); it is not bigger than a medium-sized key, and it works great with Orbitkey products.

Its exact size is 46.25 x 12.5 x 3.75 mm

Winner of the 2018 iF Good Design Award!



Length: 4.6 cm // 1.8 in
Width: 1.25 cm // 0.5 in
Thickness: 0.3 cm // 0.1 in

Weight (boxed):
43 g // 0.1 lb

Capacity: 8 Gigabytes (8 GB)

Made by Orbitkey