The revolutionary Orbitkey Key Ring in Silver & Charcoal, Twin Pack

Discover the new trend in Key Rings, the solution to carry all your daily keys in one compact handful.

Never again have trouble in adding keys into your key holders and forget about harming your fingernails: Orbitkey has invented a simple stainless steel and polymer Key Ring that closes with a safety rolling inner circle and that makes it easy to manage your keys.

Orbitkey is a design-award-winning brand that was born from the need to refresh the ways we carry keys and similar valuables around. All other products by Orbitkey are perfectly mixable with the Key Rings, which have 3 ‘key’ particularities and innovations:

  1. No more broken fingernails trying to open the mechanism!
  2. Carry up to 10 keys
  3. Easy yet secure locking mechanism

It is sent in its original cardboard envelope, in single units in this case.

The whole Orbitkey Collection is available by clicking these words.

Winner of the 2018 iF Good Design Award!

Keys not included 🙂



Diameter: 3 cm // 1.2 in
Thickness: 3.5 mm // 0.14 in

Weight (boxed):
90 g // 0.1 lb

Color: silver & charcoal

Material: high strength stainless steel & polymer

Includes 2 Key Rings!

Made by Orbitkey

Model: Orbitkey Key Ring Silver/Charcoal, double pack