Made from silver, travertine, Alps green marble, Golden onyx. A true jewel.


“Architecture is the will of the era translated into space.”

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Baukunst und Zeitwille, Der Querschnitt, nº 4, 1924

“I have interpreted the Barcelona Pavilion as a symbolic work, reading its signs as if it were a text.

Mies van der Rohe generated a poetic syntax, a single, continuous space between interior and exterior… Beyond that, the paving stones and the roof spaces are developed and fluidified by horizontal and vertical diaphragms of travertine, glass, water…”

Oscar Abba

The piece is made from methacrylate, silver, travertine, green marble from the Alps and golden onyx.



Model dimensions:
Height: 2.5 cm // 1 in
Width: 20 cm // 7.9 in
Depth: 9 cm // 3.5 in

Material: methacrylate, silver, travertine, green marble from the Alps, golden onyx

Scale: 1:300

Packaging: Foam core box 

Assembling instructions inside.

Design by Oscar Abba.