Palomar’s PinCity Recyclable Felt Pin Map – Barcelona

Condition: the packaging is slightly bent and wrinkled. The map inside is Brand New

PinCity is a city wall map printed on a flexible felt panel.

Felt is a “warm” material and transmit intimacy. The tactile characteristics of felt transform the static nature of a map – a simple object to be looked at – into something new with which users can interact.

The imagery on the map reveals the energy and density of today’s cities. The surprising graphic results achieved graphics make the maps ideal to display at home or in the office.

The package includes a set of special pins to use with the map.

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Design Alessandro Maffioletti, Emanuele Pizzolorusso


Poster is rolled, unlike paper it doesn’t keep form
thanks to the thickness and flexibility of felt
Components map + 15 pins
Material polymer felt
Color black felt
100% recyclable
Printed using non-toxic inks
Size 96 × 77 cm / 37.8 x 30.3 in

By Palomar