Yellow Pantone Note Pad tower!

The Pantone note pad is stacked high in new must have Pantone Colors! At nearly 6” tall and 3” x 3” wide it makes a colorful presentation in your work space at home or in the office. The note pad also comes with a pen or pencil holder to keep things organized.

Don’t forget! Get creative when you scribble down your notes on this PANTONE note pad, which comes in several colors. Then keep your pen safe by putting it in the integrated hole.

The notes are non-sticky. Once removed from the tower, each note paper is a post-it without sticky band.

All colors available here.



Length: 7.5 cm // 2.9 in
Width: 7.5 cm // 2.9 in
Height: 14.6 cm // 5.7 in

655 g // 1.44 lb

Paper: FSC™ certified paper

Color: yellow Pantone 012