PANTONE Steel Bottle (also called Drinking Bottle), in official Purple 229 color hue

A classic and everyday life product. Pantone Colors come to life in this new drinking bottle with an easy grab and go style. Take it to work, on a walk, or to the gym!
Designed specifically for cold beverages, to keep them fresh and well preserved for several hours if the bottle is not kept under direct sun exposure. Furthermore, the Pantone steel bottle can hold up to 63 cl (21.3 fl oz).
The stainless steel has a smooth finish and is easy to clean! It makes a great gift bottle with the classic Pantone color quality.



Diameter: 7.4 cm // 2.9 in
Height: 19 cm // 7.5 in

630 ml // 21.3 fl. oz

Color: purple Pantone 229

Stainless steel with polypropylene bottom

Not for hot beverages

Dishwasher safe