Mountable kit for a Papafoxtrot Arctic Princess Supertanker model

With nearly 150,000 cubic meters of liquified natural gas, the Princess carries enough energy to power 45,000 homes for a year. Each of her spherical tanks is 42 meters in diameter and cooled to -163°C.

Although designed to transport gas from the world’s northernmost natural gas fields, global tracking reveals that her current position is just on the sunny shores of Puerto Rico. Congratulations, Princess!

You can assemble its bridge and tanks system. All included in its original themed box by Papafoxtrot.

Built 2006 • length 288 meters • capacity 147.000 cubic meters • top speed 19,5 knots • crew 28



Dimensions (ship):
Length: 29 cm // 11.4 in
Width: 5 cm // 2 in
Height: 7 cm // 2.8 in

471 g // 0.9 lbs // 18.7 oz

Material: painted wood, painted metal

Contains small parts; not suitable for children under 3.

Arctic Princess video: