Piet is a folding side table inspired by the Neoplasticism of Piet Mondrian, a pure type of abstract art that adhered to strict rules of composition. Here in Yellow

Considered De Stijl style, very geometric, and precise to the millimeter in its folding and opening axis

A versatile and beautiful piece of furniture for your home: closed, it can be hung on the wall as a Mondrian painting. Open, it is an original bedside table or a unique side table next to your sofa or divan.

Use this auxiliary board for your coffee, your magazines, or as a design lectern. Forget about static stools and structures and open up to the multipurpose Piet!

The table is an original creation of the Italian design studio IVDesign.

Other colors available here.



Dimensions (structure):
Height: 70 cm // 27.6 in
Width: 43 cm // 16.9 in
Thickness: 1.5 cm // 0.6 in

Dimensions (table board):
Length: 43 cm // 16.9 in
Width: 22.5 cm // 8.9 in
Thickness: 1.5 cm // 0.6 in
Height of table board over floor: 45 cm // 17.7 in

4.5 kg // 9.9 lb

Color: yellow (white or blue also available)

Material: Metal tubular tube and compact, thick self-supporting color laminate