“Present Past Future” Project Watch

The 40 mm Past, Present & Future Watch reminds you that there’s no time like the present. The time is always now. At once coolly minimal and warmly conceptual, the Past Present, Future watch is a meditation on time.

‘With the past, I have nothing to do nor with the future. I live now.’

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Past, Present & Future is designed by Daniel Will-Harris, a pioneer in computer graphics and the web. MoMA called Will-Harris “a computer graphics pioneer,” and his work “truly unique.”

A new twist on time, modern and a bit unusual. Way up there on the cool factor!

Considered unisex design and size.


THICKNESS: 8 mm // 0.32 in
DIAMETER: 40 mm // 1.6 in 
BAND THICKNESS: 18 mm // 0.7 in

Colour: black, grey, white, red